grant guidelines

Applications are by invitation only

The Foundation offers three different levels of grants;


Grants under $10,000 


Grants between $10,001 and $50,000


Grants over $50,000


funding principles

"Self Improvement leads to self empowerment"

The foundation supports organisations whose projects and programs focus on the following outcomes:

  • Systemic change
  • Self Empowerment
  • Opportunity Creation


Only those Australian charities who are registered Australian Taxation Office deductible gift recipients (DGR’s) and that have a proven track record in programs which fulfil the Foundations mission will be considered.

Program Duration

The Foundation is interested in programs that run for one year. However, in special cases, when a group has proven it’s record and aligns perfectly with the Barlow Foundations mission, we will consider multi year programs that run for up to five years.

Assessment Criteria

In making their decision the BF will look to the governance of the organisation and the detail of the particular project.

The particular areas of focus when assessing an application will be:

  • Strategy (goals, objectives, mission)
  • Outcomes (measurable and realistic impact)
  • Capability (likelihood of achieving those outcomes)
  • Governance (of organisation and other groups involved)

funding area

The Barlow Foundation believes that true self-empowerment comes through knowledge and personal growth, therefore the main area of focus for the foundation is education.

Education can be formal and informal. The Foundation takes the broadest definition of education, that is: the giving and acquiring of knowledge, skills, values and habits. Self- improvement leads to self-empowerment.

Gender Focus

When women and children are given pathways out of disadvantage, systemic change is much more likely to occur, therefore the foundation has a strong preference for programs tailored specifically towards women and children.

Geographical Focus

The Barlow Foundation primarily assists programs anywhere in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region. We are interested in working in our local region so that we may be as connected as possible to our partners and their projects. However projects in other parts of the world that fit our other criteria will be considered. 

Reporting Requirements

Our funding is activity based and tied to measurable outcomes. We require bi-annual reporting while the program is running, site visits depending on the size of the grant and the location of the program, as well as a written evaluation report upon completion of the project identifying where the activity succeeded and failed.