Important Dates

Applications for grant funding are by invitation only. 

Nov 1 to May 1

accepting applications


May 1

closing date for applications


June 30

recipients for funding year confirmed and notified.



Application Form

If you have a project that fulfils the objectives of the Barlow Foundation, and have been invited, you will be required to submit an Application Form for that funding round.

With your application please provide the following:

  • An email to pre-empt the arrival of the application
  • A copy of the DGR certification from the ATO (Must be Item 1 DGR)
  • The organisations most recent annual reports

Stage 2

Further discussion

If stage 1 is successfully completed then the applicant may be asked for further information, to make a presentation to the board or a board member, or provide an opportunity for a site visit for any of the Barlow Foundation trustees before a final decision can be made.

stage 3

Notification of decision

All final decisions will be made and grant seekers notified by mail before June 30th of the present funding year.

• The decision of the board is final and there is no appeal process.

• Distributions will be paid directly after a successful notification via EFT into the nominated bank account provided in the application form.

• Funded organisations are required to provide a receipt to the BF within 15 days of receiving the funds

• Notifying unsuccessful applicants will not always be possible