We are very proud to share that The Barlow Foundation in 2018, granted over $1 050 000 to local and overseas programs.

Those grants were awarded in the following 3 categories to the following recipients:

1.   Support grants - under $10 000

  • Bridge (Aus) - Job training for youth with invisible disabilities
  • Coffee Cart (Aus) - Training homeless to be barristars and supplying them with coffee carts. 
  • Carringbush Adult Education (Aus) - empowering Richmond and Collingwood's most high-need adult learners, with a focus on migrant-background residents at the beginning of their education and vocational pathways

2.   Strengthening grants - $10 001 - $50 000

  • Ardoch (Aus) - Building language and literacy programs in playgroups for disadvantaged communities
  • Western Chances (Aus) - Providing scholarships and study assistance for gifted students in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.
  •  One Girl (Africa) - Training school aged girls in sexual education and personal hygiene so they will stay in school longer and receive the best possible education outcomes
  • Cathy Freeman Foundation (Aus) - pre-school education program on Palm Island to ensure Indigenous children all start school at same level and without disadvantage.
  • ASRC (Aus) - Give female Asylum Seekers every opportunity to thrive via women's empowerment program and access to gender specific legal advice. 

3.   Lift Off Grants - over $50 001

  • Hagar Australia (Cambodia) - Legal assistance and an economic empowerment program, helping previously enslaved girls and women to restore their lives and find employment.
  • Y-Gap (Bangladesh) - Providing growth grants to local social entrepreneurs doing social good.
  • Opportunity International (India) - Edu-finance Program, giving loans to families and schools in India to provide access to better education opportunities.
  •  Smith Family (Aus) - Provide 150 scholarships per year for disadvantaged girls in yrs 1-10 to help them stay in school.
  • Stars Foundation (Aus) - Program in NT schools to excite and engage female indigenous students to stay in school.
  • Oxfam (Aus) - Providing financial literacy and micro-enterprise skills for women and LGBTI community in Fiji 
  • Cabrini Hospital  (Aus) - research in to ovarian cancer  in memory of our founder.